Maya Fritti

maya fritti spicy and curryMy love for seitan has come up before on this blog, and I’ve posted about Maya products before as well. Another one of their products that I really love is their Fritti. These are little breaded fried nuggets of tender seitan that can be eaten cold or warm and that lend themselves to a whole variety of applications.

They come in three flavors, original (not pictured here), spicy, and curry. I’ll be honest and say that neither the “spice” of the spicy, nor the curry flavor of the curry variety really stand out, but they are still really flavorful little things. I’ve used them in pasta, stir fries, and cut up and baked into casseroles. Although, I also tend to snack on them cold as I’m cooking so that not as much of the seitan ends up in the finished dish as I plan.

I’ve run into these from time to time at health food shops, but usually, I order them from the Veganistisch Koken webshop. They are also available at Bio Planet.

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