Tofutti Slices

tofutti slicesBack in the days before Wilmersburger and Violife, there were Tofutti slices. This is vegan cheese of the old school mold, and definitely not the cheese you want to feed to non-vegans to convince them that vegan cheese can be delicious.

But it’s one of the longest-selling vegan cheeses out there, and it has a certain nostalgia factor for those of us who have been vegan long enough to remember a time before the new wave of game-changing cheeses started to appear. And it seems to still sell steadily at the health food store, so clearly I’m not the only one buying this.

I buy Tofutti slices for melting only. Unlike the newer cheeses mentioned above, they really are not slices that you want to eat cold on a sandwich or on crackers. In grilled cheese, they’re ok, but where I tend to use them the most is melted on a veggie burger.

They’re incredibly convenient because they are individually wrapped (much like the Kraft singles of my youth) and they last forever in the fridge. They come in Cheddar and Mozzarella styles.

I’ve only ever seen Tofutti slices in health food stores.

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