Greenway Marinated Soy Pieces (Delhaize)

greenway marinated soy stukjesI ran across these recently and wasn’t sure what to make of them. Usually a product that’s pre-flavored in some way will give you some indication of what kind of flavor profile to expect (“Teriyaki”, “Italian herbs”, etc.), but these are just labeled “marinated”. I also wasn’t sure what texture to expect. Would these be more like tofu or have a meatier texture? The description on the package said they worked well with a variety of dishes, from stir fry to pasta, so I was curious to try them.

Well, I was immediately hooked! Upon opening the package, I already found the smell of the marinade enticing, and oddly enough, the flavor profile (made up of a number of vegetables and spices including paprika extract, garlic, and onion) really is neutral enough to be used in a variety of styles of food. I tried these in a stir fry, on top of couscous, and even as a pizza topping and it worked fantastically in all of them. The texture is less like tofu and more like very tender chicken pieces. And cooking with them makes the house smell fantastic! My only “complaint” (if you can call it that) is that the marinade is a bit on the oily side, but you can compensate for that by using less of other oils in whatever you’re using it in.

Greenway products are available at most Delhaize supermarkets. This is really new item and I haven’t seen it on the Greenway website, so I really hope they keep making it.

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