Wheaty BBQ-Mix

wheaty bbq packBarbecue season is coming to an end, but there might still be one or two more opportunities to get out the grill before autumn descends. Wheaty has put together a great little vegan BBQ mix for just such an opportunity.

I’ve posted about Wheaty products before. If you don’t know them, Wheaty is a vegan company specializing in seitan-based products. This pack of mixed products contains one large Chorizo, three smaller Frankenberger sausages (small white sausages flavored with marjoram), and one Virginia steak (a seitan steak encrusted in herbs and spices).

My favorite of the three is the Chorizo, but then, I do love a spicy sausage. The Virginia steak was a nice surprise too, and would also be nice in colder weather with some mashed potatoes and gravy.

I found this at my local health food store, but Wheaty products are also usually available at vegan specialty stores and online. Wheaty products are palm-oil free.

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