Herta Round and Thick Pizza Dough

herta round thick pizza baseA few weeks ago, I posted excitedly about finding accidentally-vegan pizza dough from Herta. What I found then made a thin, rectangular crust, and although I love pizza in all its forms, I’m more about the thick, doughy crust. So I was even more excited to discover that Herta also makes a round, thick pizza base!

This definitely lived up to my expectations! It makes a really nice, thick, chewy pizza crust. As usual, I topped this with a tomato-based sauce and some Wilmersburger pizza shreds. I still had some Tofurky Pepperoni, so I used that too and drizzled a little olive oil over the whole thing. It reminded me of the pepperoni pizzas I used to eat as a kid.

I would definitely recommend both this and the Herta thin crust dough. Of course, making your own pizza from scratch is nice, but there’s something to be said for the convenience of just rolling out some ready-made dough and having a hot, delicious pizza on your plate within 15 minutes.

I’ve seen these at both the Delhaize and Colruyt and they should be available at most supermarkets that sell name-brand product.

6 thoughts on “Herta Round and Thick Pizza Dough

  1. Anthony says:

    Delhaize is selling pizza dough that look Vegan.

    This one is just pizza dough

    This one is pizza dough with just tomato sauce (no cheese)

    Colruyt is selling Vegan soup from the Vegan brand LimaFood

    Tomato soup with Buckwheat and Tamari

    Courgette soup with Basil and Millet

    Pumpkin soup with Chestnuts

    Hope you get the chance to try them out soon.

    P.S. I love your site, i wish you posted more stuff. I started being Vegan a month ago and i live in Belgium your site helped me alot. Thanks. 🙂


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