Vantastic Foods Schakalode White Chocolate

_schakalodeI used to love milk and white chocolate. Since going vegan, I’ve learned to appreciate, and even love, a good, rich, dark chocolate. As a vegan, you get pretty used to the fact that  dark chocolate is pretty much going to be your only chocolate option in many situations. There are some decent rice-milk chocolates out there (although I tend to find rice-milk chocolate a bit too sweet and not rich enough), not to mention the outstanding Vego bar. But white chocolate is still hard to come by.

Vantastic Foods is another German brand dedicated to making delicious vegan foods, including a line of white chocolate bars! (Germany seems to be one of the best places for vegan food development!) I’ve tried a few of them, including the plain white chocolate, one with peanuts (pictured above), one with crispy bits, and one with bits of strawberry and they’re all delicious. They’re a bit pricy, especially since the bars are quite thin, but as an occasional treat, for when you’re missing white chocolate, they’re perfect.

I’ve only seen these at vegan specialty stores, and online.

5 thoughts on “Vantastic Foods Schakalode White Chocolate

  1. bambooblossom says:

    Ooh, I bought some of this today so I’m glad to hear it’s good. We have so few interesting vegan chocolates in South Africa so I stocked up with lots of things to take home. Yes Germany has great vegan chocolates, my boyfriend brought back a lot for us when he was there. There was one that tastes just like Ferrero Rocher.

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  2. Sophie33 says:

    This German brand of vegan chocolates is my favorite. I first bought them in the vegan supermarket called Veganz, a few years ago in Berlin! Now, I can buy them in the tiny GF vegan shop called shavt in the city center of Leuven! I reviewed vegans & shavt both on my blog. You can read all about it here:


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