Taifun Tofu-Spelt Burgers

taifun spelt burgerTaifun is a German company specializing in tofu and tofu-based products, and it’s Taifun products that I see most often at my local health food store. I’ve already posted about their delicious smoked tofu. Another product of theirs that I buy pretty often are these tofu-spelt burgers.

I would call these more cutlets than burgers (burgers are more circular than oval in my mind). They have a crumbly texture and the spelt gives them a really nice nutty flavor. To be honest, I’ve never used these whole, but tend to cut them or crumble them up depending on the dish I’m making. I think my favorite use for these is crumbled over a bowl of noodles, with some steamed veggies and a spicy tahini sauce. Mmmm… The perfect quick and healthy dinner.

I’ve only ever seen Taifun products at health food and vegan specialty stores.

3 thoughts on “Taifun Tofu-Spelt Burgers

    • sporkbill says:

      I’ve tried the “daslook” ones and really like them! They almost remind me of omelette. I think I tried another flavor but didn’t like it as much (as evidenced by the fact that I can’t remember what flavor it was.)


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