Flexi Fizz from Lutti

flexi fizzWhen I went vegan, I thought gummy candies were going to be off the table for good, but since starting this blog, I’m realizing that there are a variety of accidentally vegan gummies out there.

Now you can add Lutti Flexi Fizz to the list. My Dutch speaking friends call these zure matten. I have no idea what to call them in French or English. They are grooved, strawberry-flavored rectangles covered in a sour powder and they are sour. Like, seriously sour.

I’m not a huge fan of sour candies, but I’ll eat them from time to time. I quite liked the Swing Zure Tutjes from the Aldi that I posted about previously. But these Flexi Fizz are way too sour for my liking. Once the sour coating was gone, the strawberry candy underneath wasn’t bad, but getting through the sour coating just hurt my mouth. If you like sour candies, though, these might be right up your alley. Plus they come in a huge bag!

I got these at Colruyt, but Lutti candy should be available at pretty much any supermarket that sells name-brand products.

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