Devos Lemmens Argentina Steak & Grill Sauce

dl Argentina sausI know it seems weird to be reviewing a sauce with “steak & grill” in the name on a vegan blog, but despite the name, this product is totally vegan. I even have confirmation from Devos Lemmens that the aromas are appropriate for vegetarians and vegans.

I’m a sucker for a good condiment, and this is a really nice addition to my collection. On their own page, D&L describe this as a barbecue sauce, but although it would be incredibly appropriate to use for barbecuing, it definitely doesn’t taste like what I would consider a traditional barbecue sauce. It’s a slightly chunky, smoky, oniony, tomato based sauce that I think would work really well with all variety of grilled vegan meats, from seitan to tofu steaks.

Devos Lemmens products are available where ever name-brand products are sold, but I get the sense (although I could be wrong) that this particular product is only available during the summer.

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