Bicky Hot Sauce

bicky hotsauceAs an immigrant to Belgium, the phenomenon of the Bicky burger is new to me, so I just blindly grabbed this sauce off the shelf and bought it based on the vegan ingredients and the words “Hot Sauce”. (I’m a sucker for hot sauces!) It was Mr. VSiB who explained to me that this is one of the ingredients of the famous Belgian friet shop specialty.

I first tried it as a dipping sauce with schnitzels and it’s not bad used that way, but it is most definitely not a hot sauce. It’s more sweet and a bit tangy. There’s really nothing spicy about it. That said, it’s a nice sauce on its own.

But it was when Mr. VSiB convinced me to try to replicate the Bicky Burger that this sauce really shone! I followed the handy directions on the back of the bottle and improvised a bit using a Boni Veggie Burger, veganaise in place of the (non-vegan) Bicky Dressing and plain old Heinz ketchup instead of the Bicky tomato sauce (I’m waiting to hear from Beckers if this is vegan). So it probably was not the most authentic of Bicky Burgers, but it sure was good. I can see the appeal of the three sauces together.

I bought this at the Delhaize but I have also seen it at the Colruyt.

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