Wheaty Vegan Merguez Sausages

wheaty merguezWheaty is a German company that makes a wide variety of (as the name would suggest) seitan-based vegan meat products. I’m a huge fan of seitan and I’m always excited to come upon new Wheaty products, so I immediately bought two packs of these when I ran across them at the health food store, even though I’d never tasted them.

Although I love seitan in most forms, I think it works particularly well as sausages, and these spicy Merguez are no exception! And they really are spicy! Not burn-your-lips-off hot, but you can definitely taste the pepper and spices in these.

I’ve only pan fried them, but they would also be great on the grill or barbecue, and I could imagine them working really well in a spicy stew. Oh, and they’re organic, palm-oil free, and soy free.

I got these at the health food store, but keep an eye out at vegan specialty stores and online vegan shops.

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