Wilmersburger cheese

wilmerburgerblokslicesI’ve posted about vegan cheese before, but for some reason, I haven’t posted about the one I use the most: Wilmersburger. In terms of taste and texture, Wilmersburger is not dissimilar to Violife. But it is more readily available, being sold at most health food stores, vegan specialty stores, and if you’re lucky enough to live in or near the Netherlands, even some Jumbo supermarkets! 

It comes in slices, blocks, and pizza shreds. I love the shreds on pizza and also melted on pasta dishes. I tend to buy the blocks more than the slices because they last longer. I actually went out and bought a cheese slicer to use on these, because I’d gotten rid of all my cheese slicers when I first went vegan.

Like the Violife, these are coconut oil based, and are also free of soy and palm oil! In addition to health-food and vegan specialty stores, you can buy this at the Loving Hut Express, and most any online vegan store.

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