Alpro Yogurt without chunks

alpro yogurt wo stukjesWhen I was a kid, there was a popular urban legend about someone biting into what they thought was a chunk of strawberry in their strawberry yogurt, only to discover that it was really a spider. Even though I know this story isn’t true, since then, I’ve been a bit iffy about bits of fruit in my yogurt.

Enter Alpro’s soy yogurt without chunks. It’s as delicious as all of Alpro’s fruit-flavored yogurts, but completely smooth. (As an aside, a recent post by the fabulous Jojo of Vegan in Brighton has made me realize how lucky we in Europe are with all of our great vegan yogurt!) The flavor combinations in the pack that I got – strawberry/banana and peach/pear – work really nicely together too. This would be a great yogurt to buy for kids who don’t like chunks of fruit in their yogurt or other adults traumatized by childhood urban legends.

I got these at a Delhaize Shop -n- Go, but I’ve noticed that every store has slightly different Alpro products, so check around at various supermarkets and you’re sure to find it.

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