Maya Croquettes


Please excuse the even-worse-than-usual cell phone photo.

In the world of meat replacements, you’ve got your soy-based products, your other legume-based products, your random-veggies-combined-with-starch products, and then you’ve got my favorite: seitan-based products.

Maya is a small Belgian company (based in Hasselt) that makes organic-certified seitan and seitan-based products (plus one or two tofu products). The health food store near me regularly carries these croquettes, and they have become a regular addition to my meal rotation.

maya croquetteI tend to pan fry them, which gives them a nice, crispy brown outer crust but keeps them pretty tender inside. Like tender enough that they fall apart pretty easily. I have yet to fry them in the deep fryer, but I suspect that might give them an even firmer outer crust that would keep them from falling apart, but I don’t really feel like that’s even necessary.

I like these dipped in a grainy mustard.

Maya products are available at many health food stores, at vegan specialty stores like Vegasme, at Bio-Planet, and online at the Veganistisch Koken webshop.

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