Haribo Dragibus Soft

haribo dragibusNormally speaking, Haribo products contain gelatin and are thus off-limits to vegans and vegetarians. These colorful soft dragibus candies, however, are gelatin-free, and all of the other ingredients appear to be vegan as well.

I’ve never heard of dragibus candy before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. They don’t taste like other typical gummies from Haribo. They’re somewhat firmer (while still chewy) with a crunchy layer of sugar on the outside. The flavors did not match my expectations based on the colors of each candy, and they almost tasted a bit “perfumey”. That said, I did go through the whole bag in two evenings, so they definitely have an addictive quality once you start eating them.

These would make for a good candy to bring to a kid’s party. I bought these at Colruyt, but they should be available where ever name-brand products are sold.

2 thoughts on “Haribo Dragibus Soft

  1. Jacque says:

    Dragibus were my favourite sweets even before I was going to vegetarian! I am very happy they do not contain gelatine – very thanks for this post!


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