Pringles Original and Classic Paprika flavors

pringles duoIt took me a while to figure this out, but some Pringles flavors are vegan! I had assumed that unlike plain potato chips, somewhere in the deconstruction and reconstituting process involved in making potatoes into these frightening addictive amalgam products, some animal product would be slipped into the final product. Not necessarily so! (Although some Pringles knock-off – even the plain flavors – do contain animal products.)

Conveniently, the manufacturers have even put a handy indication of the vegan status of each flavor on the can! Be careful, though. The word “vegan” is on every can. It’s only when there’s a check mark next to the word that the flavor in question is actually vegan. (See the pictpringles natuur vegan markure below.) I found these two flavors at my local Delhaize, but Pringles are available pretty much anywhere name-brand products are sold.

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