Vondelmolen Peperkoek/Pain d’épices with pearl sugar…

vondemolen peperkoek met parelzuiker… or for my readers up in the Netherlands, “Ontbijtkoek”. Generally speaking, peperkoek is vegan, although lately a lot of companies seem to have started adding honey, making what has always been an accidentally-vegan product into an accidentally-no-so-vegan product, so definitely check the ingredients. I’m particularly taken with this variety that has sweet, crunchy pearl sugar baked into the top layer. If you’re not familiar with it, peperkoek is a rye-based cakey bread (somewhat like a quick bread) that’s flavored with spices like cloves, cinnamon, and ginger. It’s somewhat reminiscent of gingerbread. It’s delicious slathered with a layer of vegan margarine, and makes for an easy breakfast or snack.

It’s also palm-oil and soy free! Vondelmolen Peperkoek is available at pretty much any supermarket selling name-brand products. I picked up this one at the Colruyt.

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