Millville Grain Biscuits (Aldi)

millville granenbiscuit nat en hazelnootThanks to both an attentive reader who told me about these, and to Mr. VSiB who stumbled upon them at the Aldi and brought them home. They’re a simple, but flavorful biscuit, available both plain and with hazelnuts. To me, they’re reminiscent of a slightly sweeter digestive biscuit. Each box contains nine individually packed pairs of biscuits, so they’re easy to take with you for a snack or as an accompaniment for your cup of coffee.

Both Mr. VSiB and I preferred the hazelnut biscuits, although the plain weren’t bad. Much like the Nizza cookies I posted about earlier, I could see these working well for recipes that call for a cookie or graham cracker crust! And I checked with the manufacturer and they confirmed that the emulsifier (mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids) that they use is sunflower based!

It looks like the Millville brand is made especially for the Aldi, so that’s where you’ll find these.

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