Alpro Soya Cuisine

alpro soy culinaireWhen I first went vegan, one of the tricks I would use when I was missing cheese in my pasta or soup was to drizzle some Alpro Soya cuisine onto it and then sprinkle it with nutritional yeast. That really hit all the creamy, umami notes that I was missing.

Nowadays I still occasionally use it that way, but I also use it other ways. A recent trend in vegan cookbooks has been to blend cashews in a high-speed blender to make cashew cream, which for some reason has never worked well for me. (Maybe it’s the lack of high-speed blender.) I’ve successfully subbed Alpro Soya Cuisine for cashew cream in a lot of those recipes! I also use it as a base for creamy mustard sauces and “cheese” sauces. And, of course, you can add just a drizzle of it to anything that demands a bit of creaminess.

For a while, these were available in a handy, economical 500 ml tetra pack, but lately I’ve only seen the smaller 250 ml packs in stores.

These are available at pretty much any supermarket that sells name-brand products.

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