Nizza Coconut Cookies

_nizzaI first heard about Verkade’s accidentally-vegan Nizza cookies from some Dutch friends and made sure to pick up a pack on a trip to the Albert Heijn in Ghent. These were a definite hit in the VSiB household, so I was especially thrilled to find Delacre Nizza cookies that seemed to have pretty much the same ingredients at the (much easier to get to) Colruyt. Funny thing was, upon opening the package, Mr. VSiB noticed that the Delacre cookies were stamped “Verkade”. Well that explains the similarities. On our most recent trip to the Colruyt, there was one pack of the Delacre cookies left on the shelf, with all of the newer packs behind it being Verkade. I’m not sure if this is a permanent change, or a temporary shipment glitch, but in any case, they’re clearly the same cookie so whichever of the two you come across, they’re both vegan.

All that and I haven’t yet mentioned what they’re like. They’re nicely crisp, deliciously simple sugar cookies with a hint of coconut flavor. There’s something kind of old fashioned about them, but they’re incredibly satisfying.

You should be able to find either the Verkade or the Delacre version of these at pretty much any supermarket that sells name brand products.

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