Taifun Smoked Tofu

taifun smoked tofuDon’t ask me why, but until fairly recently, I’ve been somewhat reticent about trying smoked products. (It probably harks back to a run-in I once had with some overwhelmingly smoked Gouda back in my pregan days.) But recently, after some good experiences with smoked vegan cheeses (both Violife and Sheese) I’ve hopped on the smokey bandwagon. Recently, a reader convinced me to try smoked tofu, and I’m glad she did!

This is firmer than plain tofu, and has a amber-brown “skin”. (I put that in scare quotes because it’s not like a skin like you’d get on sausage, just a slightly firmer outside.) It’s not overwhelmingly smokey, and reminds me a bit of smoked cheese. I used it in this recipe that came across my feed last week instead of smoked tempeh and it worked really well. I’d really like to try using it as a sub for “rookworst” in a soup or with stamppot.

There are different brands of smoked tofu out there, but Taifun is the one my health food store usually carries, and I’ve only seen Taifun at health food and vegan specialty stores.

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