Beond bars

beyond barsWe’ve probably all been there. You go to some function, a wedding or conference, or you take a flight, and the promised “vegan” meal contains fish or is covered with cheese. Or you’re out and about somewhere and don’t know if you’ll be able to find something vegan along the way.

That’s where vegan energy bars come in handy. There are a few brands out there, but the ones I’ve run across the most in Belgium are these Beond bars.

I’ll be honest; there are other brands of energy bars I prefer (Clif and Nakd in particular) but these aren’t bad and will definitely tide you over until your next meal. I try to always have one in my bag, just in case. The flavors I like the best are the Apple Cinnamon and the Blueberry.

They’re also organic and soy free. I’ve only seen these at health food stores.

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