Central Park NY Bagels (Delhaize)

central park bagelsSince moving to Belgium, I’d pretty much given up on the idea of finding any bagels, let alone store-bought, vegan bagels. Until I went grocery shopping with an American friend who pointed out to me that they sold bagels at the Delhaize. I ran back to the bread section, grabbed these off the shelf and checked the ingredients, and lo and behold, they were vegan! They’re not the most authentic bagels in the world, and you certainly won’t fool a New Yorker (or most Americans, really) with them, but they toast up pretty nicely, and they’ve become my go-to weekend breakfast, topped with a couple of slices of vegan cheese melted under the grill. They’re also great with peanut butter, or used for a TLT (tempeh bacon, lettuce & tomato) sandwich.

I’ve only ever seen these at the Delhaize, but they seem to have them even at the smaller Shop & Go shops.

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