IJsboerke Soja Cornettos (Delhaize)

ijsboerke cornettosEvery time I’m back in North America, I find myself jealously amazed at the variety of vegan ice creams that are available, even in regular supermarkets there. Here, you’re often lucky to find even a tub of plain old vanilla soy ice cream. Not that there’s anything wrong with vanilla, and I have a tub of IJsboerke’s vanilla in my freezer as we speak, but a bit more variety would be nice.

A few years ago, a friend told me about these magical soy cornettos from IJsboerke and I was really excited to find them at the Delhaize. For one fantastic summer, I could have these whenever I wanted. And then suddenly, they seemed to disappear from the local Delhaize and I was sad. So I was overjoyed last week to discover that they seem to be back!

These things are sooooooooooooo good! The ice cream is creamy, and is festooned with chocolate and caramelized hazelnuts at the top, and the cone is crunchy and coated with chocolate inside, all the way down, culminating in a solid chocolate chunk inside the tip. If you can find these, get them!

I’ve only ever seen these at the Delhaize, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were available at other large supermarkets.

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