So Fine Broccoli Burgers

sofine broccoliburgerSo Fine are the new replacements for Alpro’s line of meat analogues. (Alpro apparently sold this daughter company to the Dutch SoGood Holding earlier this year.) Unfortunately, not all of the new products are vegan (whereas the previous products from Alpro were, as far as I’m aware) but it looks like many of them are. Definitely check before buying the products because they all have the yellow and green vegetarian “V” on them, which can be misleading, but the vegan ones are actually marked “vegan” underneath this. I haven’t seen a huge selection of the So Fine products in the store yet (nowhere near as many product as they have on their website) but I did manage to try these broccoli burgers. I have to admit that when it comes to veggie burgers, I actually prefer ones that try to replicate a sort of meatiness, or even beaniness rather than being patties just made of veggies. The first time I tried these I made it like a traditional burger on a bun with burger toppings and I found the broccoli flavor overwhelming in that context. I actually love broccoli – it’s my favorite vegetable after green asparagus – but I guess I like my burger to taste like burger and my broccoli to taste like broccoli.

The next night, however, I just tried pan frying this and eating it on its own with a side of vegetables and I liked it a lot more! It was surprisingly good dipped in, of all things, barbecue sauce.

This pack was bought at the Delhaize Shop & Go but these should be available where ever Alpro products are sold.

2 thoughts on “So Fine Broccoli Burgers

  1. veganinbrighton says:

    I prefer this kind of burger pan fried with some sides too, I agree that I want my burger to be “meaty”. Thanks for the tip about vegan being written under the logo, that’s super helpful!


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