Schovit Cacao Fantasie (Aldi)

shovitOnce again, Mr VSiB has scored an accidentally-vegan, (albeit unfortunately named) product from the Aldi: Schovit Cacao Fantasie chocolate powder for hot and cold chocolate.

Unlike Nesquik, which contains vitamin D (which usually means D3 from lanolin or fish oil), this appears to be completely vegan! So far I’ve only tried it cold in almond milk. It dissolved nicely and had a sweet, but not too cloying taste. I feel like it was missing a bit of depth, but that could have also been because I’m more used to the flavor of soy milk than almond milk. I’ll definitely try it again in both soy and hazelnut milk, and I’m also looking forward to trying it as hot chocolate. I’ll probably give it a try mixed with a few drops of water as a quick and dirty chocolate sauce over ice cream, like I did with Nesquik as a kid.

Schovit seems to be made exclusively for Aldi supermarket, so that’s where you’ll find this.

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