Sheese hard cheeses

sheeseSometimes you want a cheese you can eat on a sandwich, and sometimes you want a cheese you can crumble or grate into a sauce. For me, Sheese cheeses are the latter. These are a harder cheese than Violife or Wilmersburger, but they also have much more pronounced flavors. I particularly love the Blue Style, and like to crumble it into pasta with pesto and stir it in until it softens a bit (without melting). It’s also good crumbled over a salad with rucola, tomatoes, and a tangy balsamic vinaigrette! They have a few different variants of cheddar, including a Smoked and a Melty variant, and they’re all fantastic grated over chilli or tomato soup. The Blue Style and Smoked Cheddar are also great for stirring into creamy sauces.

These are generally only available at vegan specialty stores, or occasionally health food stores. I got the packages pictured at Vegasme in Brussels, but I’ve also ordered them online from Boutique Vegan and Veggiedeli.

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