Everyday “Beschuiten” (Colruyt)

everyday toastjesA couple of weeks ago, I posted about vegan liverwurst, and towards the bottom of that post was a picture of the liverwurst spread onto a cracker-type thingy that I referred to as “melba toast”. Well, it wasn’t exactly melba toast, but that was the closest English word I could find for these. They’re labeled “beschuiten” but I think of “beschuit” as a very specific round crispy bready type item. We call them “toasts” although I don’t know if that’s an official word for them. In any case, these are similar in texture to the large, round “beschuit”, but they’re small and rectangular. They’re perfect for making snacks or hors d’oeuvre, and we’ve discovered that if you chop/crumble them, they work quite well as croutons in a salad!

The Everyday brand is Colruyt’s line of budget products, so these are only available at Colruyt.

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