Alpro Soy and Almond yogurt

alpro yogurt almondOne of the great things about living in Belgium is that it’s the home of Alpro, makers of many, many vegan products. (As far as I know, every item they make is vegan.) That means that we see new products here pretty quickly and I’m always enthusiastic to try them out.

Most recently I ran across this tub of almond flavored yogurt. To be clear, this isn’t almond yogurt, but rather soy yogurt with almond bits in it. It’s not bad, but it’s not my favorite of their products that I’ve tried. It has a somewhat stronger “beany” taste than a lot of their other products. That said, I have a tendency to like their sweeter products (fruit yogurts or vanilla yogurt) and sweetness tends to mask some of the beaniness of soy milk-based products, so if you find their other yogurts too sweet, as I know some people do, this might be right up your alley! For me, the addition of a drizzle of agave syrup put this right into my yum zone. This may have not hit all the right notes for me, but I do love how Alpro keeps putting new and exciting products on the supermarket shelves and it always makes me happy to see how many people (even non-vegans) seem to really appreciate these cruelty-free additions to their weekly grocery baskets.

I found this at the Colruyt, but I’d be surprised if it wasn’t available at all of the other supermarkets carrying name-brand products.

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