Boni aardappelsparretjes/pommes pin (Colruyt)

_crack potatoesSticking with the potato theme of my last post, let me introduce you to one of my favorite tater-related finds: these “aardappelsparretjes” (potato pine cones in English) from the Colruyt freezer section.

Belgians do love their potatoes and this love is evident in the frozen section of many supermarkets. The varieties of shapes and sizes of potato-based products in there is truly astounding. Unfortunately, as with many supermarket products, manufacturers often find a way to sneak animal-based ingredients into them. But with a little persistence, you can definitely find accidentally-vegan, frozen potato items hiding between them! (Interestingly, the same products will be vegan in one supermarket chain and not vegan in another, so as always, check the ingredients!)


Mmmm… crack potatoes….

These accidentally-vegan aardappelsparretjes – or as we like to call them “crack potatoes” – have become a real favorite in the VSiB household. I mean, we tend to like potatoes in any form, but for some reason, these have an addictive quality that puts them head and shoulders above the rest.

Boni is the house brand of Colruyt supermarkets so that’s where you’ll find these.

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