GranoVita Vegan Liverwurst

vegan liverwurstI have to confess. Even when I still ate meat, I was pretty grossed out at the idea (and smell) of liverwurst. So it was with trepidation that I found myself buying this granoVita vegan liverwurst. But there it was, staring at me from the shelf, the word “vegan” (or “vegane”) as big as day on the label, whispering “C’mon. Just try me. Who could it hurt?” And the answer is, no one. It could hurt no one. A look at the ingredient list showed this was made primarily of kidney beans, with some tofu, onion, salt, and spices. Intriguingly the tail end of the ingredient list includes bourbon vanilla and beechwood smoke.

So in the name of science, I popped open the jar today (or rather, my partner popped it open for me, because this thing was hermetically sealed), and spread some on a piece of melba toast. leverworstWhat can I say? I ate half the jar in one sitting. Slightly beany and slightly smoky, this is a really nicely flavored spread. I can definitely see this becoming a regular part of my lunch rotation, and also something that I would happily serve as an hors-d’œuvre if I was having folks over for drinks.

I’ve only ever seen GranoVita Vegan Liverwurst at health food stores, but I wouldn’t be surprised to find it at vegan specialty stores, both online and offline.

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