Garden Gourmet Lentil Burger

_garden gourmetIn a previous post, I mentioned that most of the meat analogue products found in the refrigerated sections of supermarkets have hidden egg in them. Until recently, this was also the case with the Garden Gourmet brand. About a month or two ago, though, I noticed that one item in the line-up of their green packaging in the Delhaize was actually marked “vegan”: the Lentil Burger. I double checked the ingredients (it’s not that I don’t trust them… well, maybe it is), and indeed, it’s vegan!

These burgers are an interesting blend of lentils, carrots, and mint. I have yet to eat one in traditional burger style, but I have pan-fried them and served them over mashed potatoes with gravy and some greens and they were really good! The carrots and mint give this a fresh twist that differentiates them from other veggie burgers. According to the Garden Gourmet website, their Couscous Burgers are also vegan. I haven’t run across those yet, but will definitely keep an eye out for them. So far I’ve seen the Garden Gourmet Lentil Burgers in the refrigerated sections of both the Colruyt and the Delhaize.

6 thoughts on “Garden Gourmet Lentil Burger

      • sporkbill says:

        I’ll have to double check the ingredients in the store. They’ve gone out of their way to mark this lentil burger as vegan on the packaging, and I haven’t seen that with any of the other products, but I’ll definitely check the ingredients of the schnitzel if I find it in the store. It would be cool if they started to eliminate the egg from more of their meat analogues!


    • sporkbill says:

      Interesting! I keep meaning to get to an AH one of these days. I’ll have to see if they have them and do a taste test. I wonder if they’re from the same company and just packaged differently. (On a similar note, I’ve yet to see the Sabra hummus here, but the AHs in Belgium have their own hummus that tastes exactly the same.)

      Man, I wish there was an AH closer to me. I really have to go out of my way to get there.


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