Bosphorus Dürüm wraps (Colruyt)

durum wrapsOne of the more frustrating items to find in Europe in my experience has been vegan wraps/tortillas. This is made all the more frustrating by the fact that wraps/tortillas are normally always vegan, and yet most of the brands I’ve seen in supermarkets both in Belgium and the Netherlands have contained either dairy (what?) or iffy e-numbers. (You can get vegan ones in health food stores, but these tend to be pretty small and rather pricey.) The most common iffy e-number in items like this is E471 which could be either plant or animal derived, and so I tend to avoid it unless a company has confirmed that it uses only plant-derived E471, or it is indicated on the package that the E471 is plant-based.

In the case of these (halal) Dürüm wraps, the fact that they’re completely vegetable based is stated on the front, and then again, on the back under the ingredient list, it indicates that they are made without using any animal products! (Halal and Kosher product sections in the supermarket are often good places to look for vegan-friendly products, as some of the concerns – like iffy, animal based e-numbers, or in the case of Parve products, hidden dairy – are similar to the concerns of vegan consumers.) In addition to being totally vegan, these wraps are HUGE, so that you can fill them up to your heart’s desire and still get them to close. I keep mine frozen, just heating one up in a pan on the stove before filling it with hummus, Boni gyros, left-over veggies, avocado slices, and/or mashed beans.

So far, I’ve only ever seen this particular brand of Dürüm wraps at the Colruyt (on the shelves with the “ethnic” food above the freezers).

2 thoughts on “Bosphorus Dürüm wraps (Colruyt)

  1. kiathuang says:

    Perfect description! My wife and I also love these wraps, having found them in Colryut during our last year in Belgium. Now back in the UK I just googled to see if we could get them here and found your blog. The size of these is unlike the Mexican-style wraps from English supermarkets and closely resemble the excellent turkey/chicken Dürüm kebabs in Berlin (Mustafa’s being the best 😀)


    • kiathuang says:

      Incidentally, I find better than warming up on a pan is microwaving reach in a plastic bag for 30 secs or so, which really gets the wrap warm and soft, saving the wrap from splitting once wrapped, which it can do when dry.


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