Lu Grany Brut cookies

lu granyThese can best be described as being like American style chocolate chip/chunk cookies. They’re incredibly addictive, and after I bought a pack of these for my recently-vegan-and-trying-to-cut-down-on-junk-food colleague, she couldn’t decide if she loved me or hated me. (You know you love me, H.!)

But seriously, this is another product that proves that veganism does not equal deprivation, and vegans who enjoy treats aren’t doomed to spend the rest of their days eating expensive, sawdust-dry, health-food store cookies. Of course, it’s incredibly easy to make your own vegan cookies, but it’s nice that there are some choices for us on the supermarket shelves too.

Lu Grany Brut come in two flavors: Pure chocolate, and chocolate with caramelized almond pieces. Both are readily available at most supermarkets where name-brand products are sold.

4 thoughts on “Lu Grany Brut cookies

  1. Martine says:

    Are these like the Lu ‘Robuuste koeken’ we get in the Netherlands? Those are awesome ❤ Very nice that they make a similar product for the Belgian market.


    • sporkbill says:

      Yes! It took me a while to figure that out when I first got here because I was looking for the packaging I was familiar with from NL! But they are indeed the same. I should mention that on FB!


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