Damhert Choco hazelnut spread

_notellaDamhert is a company that I can’t quite figure out. At first glance, you’d expect at least some of their products to be vegan, but they frustrate me at almost every turn. On the one hand, they seem to cater to people with various food restrictions (sugar-free, gluten-free, lactose-free), and they have a whole line of vegetarian meat analogues, so you’d really think they’d be the perfect company to target the vegan market. On the other hand, they distribute insect burgers, and frustratingly enough, every single vegetarian meat product of theirs that I’ve picked up and looked at contains either egg, dairy, or both. Even most of their lactose-free products aren’t vegan because they use lactose-free dairy and butter fat.

So why am I writing about them, you may ask? Because in amongst all the frustrating vegan-teasing is one truly outstanding (and truly vegan) product: their Lactose-free Choco-hazelnut spread. It tastes exactly like I remember Nutella tasting. So much so that I tend to call it “Notella” rather than by its official name. Damhert products are available at most supermarkets (in the special diet areas) but so far I’ve only found this one at health food stores.

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