_oreosOne of the first things I tell people who say they think a vegan diet would be too restrictive is that, yes, believe or not, Oreos are vegan. They weren’t always. The original Oreos were made with lard (which is why I wasn’t allowed to have them in the Kosher household I grew up in) but they stopped using lard in the 1990s. But then the Oreos in Europe still weren’t vegan because for some reason, the recipe they used over here contained whey (which wasn’t in the American Oreos). Finally, a couple of years ago, the European manufacturer removed the whey and there was much rejoicing in European Veganland!

Here, only the original Oreos are vegan (so, not the ones covered in chocolate) but if  you can get your hands on American products, a lot of the funky Nabisco Oreo flavors are vegan too (like mint and peanut butter). Wash ’em down with a big, cold glass of soy milk for the perfect Oreo experience.

These are available at pretty much every supermarket.

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