Bio-keuken Veganaise

veganaise…or as my friends from The Netherlands like to call it, “Magic Belgian Veganaise”. Whatever you call it, this stuff is magical. The company that makes it is somewhat mysterious; you have to search to find the name of the brand on the label and they have no internet presence, but their artisanally-made, egg-free mayo is the best vegan mayonaise I’ve tried on either side of the Atlantic. It’s not too sweet, like some vegan mayos can be, and it’s the perfect texture. (I find some brands a bit too runny.)  Maybe it’s because Belgians are serious about their mayo, but whatever the reason, if you’re a mayo fan, do yourself a favor and get some of this.

I’ve only ever found this at health food stores. It’s usually in amongst other products from the same brand (with very similar labels). Just make sure you’re picking up the veganaise because they also make a “biologische mayo” with eggs that looks similar. It comes in jars of 320g or 620g, and they also have a “mierikswortel veganaise”.

7 thoughts on “Bio-keuken Veganaise

    • sporkbill says:

      Hi Thomas! Thanks for your comment! Only the Mayolijn from Remia is vegan (not all their mayo) and so far I haven’t found any at an Albert Heijn in Belgium (I checked Gent and Lokeren), only in the Netherlands. Have you seen it here?


  1. Laura says:

    Ik heb per ongeluk de mierikswortelveganaise gekocht ipv de normale. Uitproberen of terugbrengen? Ik ben dol op de gewone en ben bang dat de mierikswortel te scherp gaat zijn/tegenvaller gaat zijn…
    De pickles van dit merk is ook geweldig!


    • sporkbill says:

      Hi Laura! I’ve only tried the mierikswortel one once and I liked it ok, but then I like mierikswortel/horseradish. It’s not actually too sharp, but you do taste the mierikswortel, so if you’re not a fan, maybe bring it back? Or gift it to someone who likes a bit more heat? 🙂


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