Boni Veggie (formerly Eger) frozen products (Colruyt)


Update 11/10/2016: It now looks like the Wok Strips are also no longer vegan. At this point only the Gyros are vegan, and at this rate, that might change soon too.

Warning: Colruyt has switched suppliers for a lot of their Boni products and now the frozen burgers and schnitzels contain egg! Haven’t yet heard about changes in the Gyros or Wok strips, but check ingredients very carefully!

These were a huge revelation to me when I first started spending time in Belgium. Veggie meats are usually found in small packages in the refrigerated section, and frustratingly enough, the vast majority of them aren’t even vegan. For some reason, manufacturers always seem to want to slip some egg in there. So I tried not to get my hopes up when I first picked up a package of the (then Eger, now Boni) Veggie Schnitzels from the frozen section at the Colruyt, and started reading the ingredients. I had to check and recheck the package several times to believe it, but holy moly! These were vegan! I took a pack home, threw a schnitzel in the microwave to defrost for a minute or two, and then pan fried it to get it nice and crispy. These things were soooooo good. Even my omni partner was impressed.

Since then, I’ve checked all of the other products in the same frozen line, and five of them are vegan: the schnitzels, burgers, wokreepjes, gyros, and falafels. (Note: the Boni Veggie Kebab are NOT vegan as they contain egg!) I’ve tried all of them but the falafel. (I’ve kind of burned out on falafel, as it’s often the only vegan option when you’re travelling or out on the town.) They’re all great, but I’m particularly fond of the wokreepjes (wok strips) and gyros for some quick, I-just-had-a-long-day-and-am-too-tired-to-actually-cook applications. The gyros, for example, are great heated up in the microwave and then folded into a wrap with veggies and tahini sauce. Or mixed into some couscous with veggies and hot sauce. The possibilities are endless. And the fact that these are frozen and come in larger packs makes them super extra convenient.

Boni is the house brand of Colruyt supermarket, so that’s where you’ll find these.




3 thoughts on “Boni Veggie (formerly Eger) frozen products (Colruyt)

  1. Martine says:

    Oh man, I regularly pray to the vegan gods for something like these to come to Holland. The law of eggs in vegetarian products seems to be breaking down a little, but vegan nuggets are nowhere to be found. We do get some of the new Sofine burgers now, but only at Jumbo. Have you found those in Belgium yet?


    • sporkbill says:

      Are those the new line from Alpro? I think I’ve seen them but haven’t tried them yet.

      Yeah, these are exceptional for their lack of egg. In the same line, they make non-frozen products, and those all have egg in them (except for the “gehakt”, if I remember correctly.)

      I’m similarly jealous of the vegan meats you guys have in the Aldi! They haven’t made their way here yet.


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