Vego bars

_vegoA lot of people seem surprised when I tell them that you can be vegan and still eat chocolate. It seems to often be assumed that all chocolate must contain milk, but there’s quite a lot of very good dark chocolate out there that is totally vegan. (I’ll discuss some of the ones I’ve found at a later date.) But I have to admit, although I love a rich, dark, Belgian chocolate, I do sometimes miss that milk chocolate experience, and I really missed bars with hazelnut and chocolate (which are almost always made with milk rather than dark chocolate). There are some rice milk chocolates out there, but to me, they always seem to lack some of the richness and creaminess of the milk chocolate I remember. Enter the Vego bar. Available in a massive 150 gram bar or a 65 gram “mini” (which is the size of a standard candy bar), this puppy really ticks all the boxes: creamy (vegan) milk chocolate, crunchy whole hazelnuts, and it’s fairtrade to boot! They’re not the cheapest chocolate in the world, but as an occasional treat, they’re totally worth it!

I’ve only ever seen these at vegan specialty stores or online. I’ve seen them both at Vedge in Gent and Vegasme in Brussels. I’ve also bought them online from the Veganistisch Koken webshop.

3 thoughts on “Vego bars

  1. Martine says:

    Vego! I looove it. In the Netherlands, we can get it from Ekoplaza now, which brings the addiction to a whole new level. 😛 Maybe some day Belgian health food stores will start carrying it too?


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